Athearn Marine Agency, Inc. – Marine Brokers for Commercial Fishing Boats and Permits East Coast United States

12 Swordfish\Shark\Tuna Permits/Quotas

42 ft X 14 ft 5 in (1992)

Charter,Party Boat,Tuna

675 Cummins

FILE: TS5905

$350,000 USD

Atlantic Tunas Longline (IBQ GOM 2,158 Lbs.)

Shark Directed

Swordfish Directed

FILE: TS5552

$70,000 USD

Atlantic Tunas Longline

Bluefun Quota (2158 lbs)

Shark Directed

Swordfish Directed

FILE: TS5696


$55,000 USD

1. Atlantic Tuna Longline

2. Swordfish Directed

3. Shark Incidental

FILE: TS5784

$53,000 USD

Gulf of Mexico Charter/Headboat for Pelagic Fish

Gulf of Mexico Charter/Headboat for Reef Fish

FILE: TS5675

$35,000 USD

Shark Incidental

Swordfish Handgear

LOA: 73 ft - HP: 396

FILE: TS5815

$35,000 USD

SE Region: Atlantic Tuna Longline (Zero IBQ)

SE Region: Shark Directed

SE Region: Swordfish Incidental

FILE: TS5716

$25,000 USD

Atlantic Tuna Longline

Shark Incidental

Swordfish Incidental

FILE: TS5780

$21,500 USD

1. Shark Directed

2. Lingrem Pitman 5 Mile Reel, Snaps, Crimpers, etc., available for add. $5,000

FILE: TS5718

$20,000 USD

Gulf Charter/Headboat for Coastal Migratory Pelagic Fish

FILE: TS5826

$14,500 USD

Shark Incidental

FILE: TS5785

$4,000 USD