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Permit Appraisal Services

Athearn Marine offers professional fishing permit appraisal services, providing independent third-party valuations for:

  • Financing & refinancing
  • Insurance purposes
  • Succession planning
  • Disputes

Our comprehensive appraisal reports include a clear and concise review of the quota allocation and management system that governs United States fisheries, as well as the resource status and market outlook for the relevant species. Athearn’s expertise and in-depth understanding of the fishery allow us to provide you with the quality and accurate permit appraisals you need.

Previous clients have ranged from individual harvesters to multinational harvesting and processing corporations.

See below for an explanation of what is included in our new appraisal reports.

Management of the Fishery

This section explains how specific management measures (such as season, quota, gear restrictions, etc.) can influence the potential revenues that can be generated from the fishery and in turn how much an individual is willing to pay. Information provided includes:

  • An overview of the United States Fisheries Management system relevant to each species.
  • Description of the fishing area with a map when applicable.
  • A summary table with key management measures (gear restriction, access type, etc) pertaining to the fisheries (see example on next page, table 3)

Resource Prospects

This section is completed using the most up to date scientific information available (i.e., landings, discards, rebuilding plans, stock status), including a review of the most recent stock assessments The resource prospects section provides a general discussion on the population trends of the stocks the permit(s) can harvest. Any anticipated changes in the status of the resource are identified, The resource status plays an important role in understanding what a buyer would be willing to pay for a permit.

Graphs of landings, discards and total allowable catches are included.

Commercial landings and commercial discards (MT) of witch flounder in the Gulf of Maine from 2006 to 2018. Data source NFSC. Note *sub-ACL does not include discards and sector carryovers.

Market Outlook

The market outlook section analyzes the main market trends of the valuable species harvested under the permit while providing a market overview (past, present and likely future market characteristics).  A review of how the worldwide supply and demand for the species (and its competitors) will affect the prices received at the dock and in the market is completed. Graphs of market price and shore/auction price are also included.

Annual average market prices for whole Atlantic cod ($USD/lb) at the Fulton Fish Market from 2007 to 2019. Error bars indicate annual price range. Source: Urner Barry.

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